Scheherazaad Cooper

As a child, Scheherazaad studied Orissi for five years at the Chitralekha Dance Academy in Toronto, Canada. After moving to Vancouver, BC, she came to Ratna Roy to learn more Orissi. In 2000 she accompanied Ratna to India for further studies Scheherazaad was one of five winners in the Lumbini Arts Competition in Ottawa, November 2001, for Indian Classical Dance in North America. She has also received an award from the Agakhan Education board, June, 2002. In the August, 2002, production of Ibn Tufayl's epic, Yaqzan, which played in 7 Canadian cities (total of 17 productions) Scheherazaad was one of the principles. Moses Znaimer selected her to give a TV interview representing Yaqzan. In 2003 Scheherazaad performed as an Urvasi dancer in Washington, D.C. at the 2nd International Odissi Festival, and in Calcutta at the Panchakanya conference. Scheherazaad has performed Orissi in India, Canada, the USA, and England. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in England. For much more recent news about Scheherazaad and her many accomplishments be sure to visit her ownweb site at:


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