$30 US Draupadi
Features: Ratna Roy.
Directed by: David J. Capers
(30 minutes, DVD)


Draupadi begins with a 10 minute introduction by Ratna Roy. Opening with a brief explanation of Classical Indian Dance, she then introduces Orissi, and follows with a short telling of Draupadi's story. Video clips, over her words, demonstrate how the story will be expressed in dance form, increasing the viewing pleasure for anyone not familiar with the sign language of Indian Classical Dances (see book, Mudras [IN SYMBOLS] on Books page, for in depth study of this linguistic form). The final 18 minutes are a studio recording of Ratna performing the entire Mahari style dance-drama, Draupadi, as choreographed by her late guru, Padmashri Guru Pankaj Charan Das.
$25 US Orissi Exercises I
Exercise training video.
(50 minutes, DVD)
  Bhumi Pranam, Padabhedas, Stretch Exercises, Chauka and Tribhangi Exercises

$25 US Orissi Exercises II
Exercise training video.
(38 minutes, DVD)
  Charis (walks); Bhramaris (spins); Shirobhedas (head exercises); griba bhedas (neck exericses), drsti bhedas (Eye Exercises); Mudras & Viniyogas (Single and Double hand gestures and their uses)
$30 US Dhokra, The Lost Wax Process
Video documentary produced by
David J. Capers
(26 minutes, DVD)


A detailed examination of the traditional Dhokra process as done by some Orissan artisans. The viewer follows the craftsmen's steps from crushing the ferrous termite hill clay to chipping baked clay from the surface of the completed brass artifact. Until very recently, this process has changed little for thousands of years.

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