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If you are looking for books on dances of India (especially books on Orissi/Odissi dance), we may be able to help you. We also have a limited selection of videos. Not everyone interested in cultures of India have opportunities to go there, so some dancers have requested we bring back Orissi dance costumes, silver jewelry, and bells for them (the silver jewelry is not exclusively for dance). We thought others in the dance community may be in the same situation, so we are trying to make available to dancers whatever we could bring back.

Unfortunately without measurements in advance it really isn't feasible to bring back dance costumes, but the brass bells we have, and some silver jewelry. Incidentally, these are real Odissi dance bells from Puri, Orissa. While I've not had time to take pictures and make web pages for everything, we also brought back some Orissi dance headgear (phulo), both in firm solapith and in silk. As time permits, I hope to get more photos up on these pages.

If you are interested please inquire via e-mail. Thank you. --David

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